Aerospace Systems, Structures and Aerodynamics

Engineering and Certification with CFD and FEA Simulation

ATS is in business to help other companies. With that in mind, we help through various aerospace applications. Then, the corporate objectives of our partners are fullfield and our mission is accomplished.

Our software ensures efficiency and minimizes environmental impact, besides effectively meeting the demands of an increasingly competitive market. It is important to emphasize that our solutions for the aerospace industry are important not only for product development, but also for aerodynamics and control software.

Simulations and important developments in aerodynamics, aerostructures, environmental control systems, software simulation and others are essential for the maintenance of passenger safety, comfort, and also on the efficiency of the aircraft.

ATS solutions for the Aerospace segment

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Ice Formation Analysis

Aircraft ice analysis, as defined here, involves a set of analyzes that…

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Aerodynamic Analysis

The aerodynamic analysis is done by solving the air flow around solid bodies…

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Pneumatic system projects

The pneumatic system, chapter ATA 100-36, is also known as the…

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Environmental systems projects

Environmental control systems, Chapter ATA 100-21, are systems that control the…

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Aeronautical Systems Certifications

The certification of aeronautical systems and an aircraft aims to ensure that the aircraft…