ATS and IPT Collaboration in the Industrial Combustion Course



Industrial Combustion at IPT-SP

Date: August 22 to 26, 2016
Location: IPT
40 hours – 35 vacancies


To transfer fundamental concepts in combustion to technicians from the industrial sector, as well as part of the experience acquired by the researchers of the Thermal Energy Laboratory (LET) of the IPT in solving real problems.

Target Audience

Higher education professionals involved in design, development, operation, management and analysis of combustion equipment.

Course program:

  • Stoichiometry of combustion reactions
  • Expansion of jets and combustion of gases
  • liquid combustion
  • Combustion and gasification of solids
  • Atmospheric pollution and environmental legislation
  • Formation and abatement of atmospheric pollutants
  • Mass and energy balances in industrial combustion processes
  • Techniques and instruments for measuring the composition of flue gases
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applied to combustion
  • Heat exchanges between flames and surfaces
  • Visit to LET – test furnaces, mobile laboratory and instrumentation

Due to its experience, ATS will teach the following classes in the course:

Heat exchanges between flames and surfaces

Instructor: Francisco Domingues Alves de Sousa – Mechanical Engineer (EPUSP 1970)
Heat exchanges by radiation between surfaces and volumes of a cavity with a transparent medium and a gray participant medium; approach to real gases; problem analysis for a perfectly mixed combustion chamber; temperature along the flame; emissivity along the flame; heat fluxes incident on flame envelopes; problems posed in combustion in boilers and furnaces.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applied to combustion

Instructor: Dr. Guilherme Araujo Lima da Silva – Mechanical Engineer (EPUSP 1996); Doctor in Engineering (EPUSP 2008)

Importance of using CFD in combustion problems; conservation equations (quantity of motion, mass and energy); models for chemical reactions and heat transfer (convection and radiation); expected results of the CFD simulation; meshing, CFD and results post-processing packages; example case and CFD applications in industry.

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