ATS is present at Rio Oil and Gas fair


With more than 42 thousand visitors, 1000 presentations and several innovations in different platforms such as sessions, arenas and forums, we were honored to be present at this event that can be considered the BIGGEST in Latin America.

There were 480 exhibiting brands bringing the latest in the market, in order to generate business and create investment possibilities. We were there for that too.

All of the ATS team had a single objective: to show our company’s ability to offer different types of engineering solutions with simulations for companies.

From the moment we entered the event, we could see the grandeur and quality of everyone who was there. From the reception team of each exhibitor to the board members of the respective companies, we were very well received by everyone.

For those of you who still don’t know our area of expertise, we have been working for some years and committed to bringing high-tech solutions to the aeronautical sector, however, we know that what we have here can be applied in other sectors. As is the case of the Oil and Gas sector, which in our perception has an increasing demand for simulation together with engineering.

Currently, we have with clients in the sector names such as: Ultragaz, Ogramac and Queiroz-Galvão, currently Constellation.

Find out a little more about what we are doing!

It’s impressive to think how far we’ve taken our technology. For example, for Ultragaz, we work on the development of burners, ejectors, energy analysis of its industrial plants, mixers and heaters for thermal fluids.

With Queiroz Galvão, the work was based on erosion simulation in oil exploration pipelines. Our calculations and research have been verified and fully APPROVED by one of the largest research centers in the world, Petrobras’ CENPES.

A fact to be highlighted is that to find the virtual model, we used CFD and FEA to define the flow and structure calculations. Our results saved Queiroz-Galvão millions of dollars in their projects. All this, in a project worth hundreds of thousands of reais.

Finally, for Ogramac our mission was to carry out a thermal analysis of a new type of insulation that was being used in oil exploration. Again, the data obtained by us were accepted by Petrobras’ CENPES.

Our participation in the Rio Oil and Gas fair

The event days were very fruitful for everyone at ATS, we had the opportunity to have contact with innovations and important companies in the sector such as: Total, BP, Shell, Chevron, Aker, Baker and Hughes, Halliburton, Repsol Sinopec, PetroRio, Galp , Saipem, Wood, Ocyan and Spraying Systems.

The contacts and participation in the fair yielded good results…

The first of these was the visit of one of Shell’s R&D managers, Leonardo Machado. He made a point of visiting our office, getting to know the ATS structure a little better in order to establish new development partners.

We capture this moment:

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The second big event was that the week after the fair, we signed a contract with Spraying Systems ( for fatigue analysis. And finally, there is one extra thing: We will also close the CFD simulation with this leading company in the spraying segment.

The entire ATS team is proud and reaped good results from their participation.

Rio Oil and Gas Fair, until 2019.

We will be present!

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