ATS participates in Aerospace Meetings Brazil 2018


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

ATS participates in Aerospace Meetings Brazil 2018

Starting this Tuesday, June 19, the 2018 edition of Aerospace Meetings Brazil begins, an event aimed at the aeronautical, aerospace and defense market, in São José dos Campos, São Paulo.

This is the second edition of the AMB, which features conferences, meetings and meetings on world aeronautical engineering, and which takes place until the 21st (Thursday), organized by the São José dos Campos Technological Park, BCI Aerospace, Cluster Aeroespacial Brazilian and received by Embraer.

It is an extremely important event for the Brazilian and global aeronautical engineering market, with the objective of strengthening commercial and economic relations between local businesses and the major players in the market. Among those already confirmed are names such as Embraer, Boeing, SAAB, Aernnova and several others.

The Brazilian aerospace industry stands out as the largest in the southern hemisphere of the planet, according to the AIAB – Association of Aerospace Industries of Brazil. Allied to this, Aerospace Meetings Brazil 2018 takes place in an extremely important period for the Brazilian economy, as the merger agreement between Embraer and Boeing is in the process of being closed, which will strongly mobilize the supply and supply chain of the Brazilian aerospace market.

According to Estadão, in April this year, the agreement, which will involve the commercial jets area, should be closed within the next few months, and will strongly move the sector. Boeing has a strong interest in investing in medium-sized commercial aviation, and for this reason, merger talks with Embraer, which is among the world’s three largest manufacturers in the area, began. Also according to the same article, the division of shares would be 80.01% for the American company and 19.99% for the Brazilian company, a model that the Brazilian government has already accepted for the continuation of the merger. The only thing missing is discussions about the situation of Brazilian factories, which develop both for the military and for the commercial part, in addition to other factors, such as the Brazilian participation in the joint venture board. As soon as these points are discussed and finalized, the proposal will be forwarded to President Michel Temer, who will have the final word and finalize the agreement, since the Brazilian government has a Golden share (a type of action that gives veto power in important decisions company) at Embraer.

Dessa maneira, a ATS, que já é fornecedora da Embraer, passará também a atender a Boeing com soluções para sistemas mecânicos e termo-fluido dinâmicos. A ATS já trabalhou, dentro da Embraer, com certificações de sistemas aeronáuticos, validação de ensaios em solo, análises estruturais, simulações em CFD, entre outras atividades relacionadas a engenharia de sistemas e desenvolvimento de sistemas, atuando em diversos projetos de aeronaves e engenharia, gerando uma importante parceria entre Embraer e ATS.

Paying attention to the market movement, in April of this year we participated in the Aerospace & Defense Supplier Summit 2018 in Seattle, United States. The event hosted by Boeing offered Brazilian companies associated with the Brazilian Aerospace Cluster a visit to one of its main factories and one of the largest in the world, Boeing Everett, where the 787 Dreamliner models, currently top of the line, 777, are produced. 767 and 747-8. We were pleased to be one of the few companies to receive this exclusive visit and the opportunity to talk about providing our aeronautical engineering expertise to the aviation giant directly with the company. In this way, the agreement between Boeing and Embraer strengthens the opportunities for agreements between ATS and the two companies for the future, strengthening the supply of all our engineering solutions both nationally and internationally.

The host city of Aerospace Meetings Brazil, São José dos Campos, stands out as a hub city in the world aerospace market by the fDi ranking, displacing cities like Mississauga, in Canada, and Cincinnati, in the United States. The municipality has a large concentration of aerospace research and manufacturing companies, and is also the headquarters of the Brazilian Aerospace Cluster, which is located in the city’s Technological Park, an area of ​​188,000 square meters. All these factors feed the partnership between large, medium and small companies in the sector, which have commercial space and infrastructure, with the objective of strengthening the market and bringing economic development to the country. Another extremely important factor is the geography of the place, which allows for large-scale maneuvers and repairs for aircraft. In this way, the event in the city is of extreme strategic importance, as it further affirms the power of Brazil for the international market.

It is an exciting and effusive moment for the Brazilian aerospace sector, with several movements happening simultaneously and that, for sure, will further strengthen the Brazilian aeronautical sector. We will be present, showcasing our high-tech engineering and software resources, which are already widely used in the aerospace industry in Brazil, USA and Europe. We have an appointment with big names such as Aernnova, a company focused on developing and manufacturing aeronautical components and structures; Alestis do Brasil, with whom we will meet to discuss software supply, engineering services and R&D (Research and Development) partnerships; SAAB, an aerospace and defense company, producer of the Gripen 6 fighter; Liebherr Aerospace, which develops aeronautical control and actuation systems, landing gear and on-board electronic systems; Among other encounters. Thus, we will be able to show our engineering solutions and software to several players from different sectors of the aerospace production chain, closing partnerships and deals with some of the main names in the aeronautical market.

Our booth, number 11, will have two of our engineers present, Pedro Castro Souza Villela and Guido Pires Arantes Ubertini, discussing and informing those present about the company’s services.

Come visit us and get to know our services, products and specialties. We wait for you!

Aerospace Meetings Brazil 2018

De 19.06 à 21.06

Local: CEFE (Centro de Formação do Educador), na Travessa Constantino Pintus – Vila Cesar, em São José dos Campos.

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