CFD applied to combustion. ATS participation in the IPT industrial combustion course


Presenting the fundamental concepts of combustion in real industry models, as well as trends and developments related to the area, was the objective of the event held by the IPT from August 28 to September 1, 2017.

The Industrial Combustion Course, at the graduate level, was attended by members and former members of the IPT technical team, such as engineers Ademar Hakuo Ushima, Bruno Alexandre de Lemos, Fausto Furnari, Marcos Noboru Arima, Renato Vergnhanini Filho and Guilherme Araújo Lima da Silva, engineering director at ATS – Aerothermal Solutions. The lectures addressed topics such as stoichiometry of combustion reactions, combustion of solids, liquids and gases, heat exchanges in combustion systems, mass and energy balances in industrial combustion processes, among other related topics. You can access the full course schedule at this link.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applied to combustion

The PhD in engineering Guilherme Araújo Lima da Silva actively contributed to the content of the event. His lecture and course module explained the importance of using CFD in combustion problems, as well as application methodology and importance of critical analysis and prior knowledge of the subject. Examples were presented of models for chemical reactions and heat transfers (conduction, convection and radiation), CFD simulation results, mesh generation packages and post-processing results, in addition to showing real cases of CFD applications in industry.

One of the results presented was the case of Brasken, which had problems with its boilers’ vinyl-acetylene gas burners. Due to the high temperature of the gases in the combustion chamber, the gas lance was overheated, which caused the decomposition and polymerization of the gas components, followed by adhesion to the walls of the feed line. This constant accumulation of waste caused the line to clog, which had to be stopped for maintenance very often.

To solve Brasken’s problem, ATS, together with the consulting firm FFurnari, designed a new cooling system for the burner using CFD. The project developed increased the useful life of the burner and the frequency of maintenance was reduced to more adequate levels, generating savings and continuous production.

CFD++ as a tool for simulating combustion and thermal effects

This and other cases cited during the course could be successfully completed thanks to the efficiency of CFD++, a software developed by Metacomp Technologies, which can be used broadly or in specific situations, including the simulation of compressible and incompressible, stationary and transient fluids , in different speed regimes, various equations of state, as well as heat transfer.

The CFD++ is a complete software that helps from theoretical assessment for the development of academic projects, to simulations and technical applications in the industry.


ATS is a bridge company between industry and academia, combining theory and practice in developing solutions in combustion, thermal engineering and heat transfer. ATS uses, recommends and distributes CDF++ in Brazil, as well as the mesh generator Ennova, the post-processor Tecplot and the optimizer and integrator iChrome Nexus.

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