CFD Applied to Industrial Combustion


IPT Industrial Combustion Course:

  • Stoichiometry of combustion reactions
  • Expansion of jets and combustion of gases
  • liquid combustion
  • Combustion and gasification of solids
  • Atmospheric pollution and environmental legislation
  • Formation and abatement of atmospheric pollutants
  • Mass and energy balances in industrial combustion processes
  • Techniques and instruments for measuring the composition of flue gases
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applied to combustion
  • Heat exchanges between flames and surfaces
  • Visit to LET – test furnaces, mobile laboratory and instrumentation

Due to its experience, ATS will teach the following classes in the course:

ATS class on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) applied to combustion

Instructor: Dr. Guilherme Araujo Lima da Silva – Mechanical Engineer (EPUSP 1996); Doctor in Engineering (EPUSP 2008)

Importance of using CFD in combustion problems; conservation equations (quantity of motion, mass and energy); models for chemical reactions and heat transfer (convection and radiation); expected results of the CFD simulation; meshing, CFD and results post-processing packages; example case and CFD applications in industry.

Detailed Programming of the Industrial Combustion Course

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CFD Class Material applied to Industrial Combustion

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Installation of the IPT Combustion Laboratory

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