Dr. Chakravarthy Lecture – Metacomp – CFD++ – USP Polytechnic School – Mechanical Engineering Amphitheater – 06/23 – 16:30


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Date: June 23, 2017
Time: 16:30
Location: USP Polytechnic School – Mechanical Engineering Amphitheater

Overview of CFD++ Mathematical Models, Numerical Methods and SoftwareDr. Sukumar Chakravarthy
CEO of Metacomp Technologies
Dr. Sukumar Chakravarthy is one of the world’s pioneers in the field of CFD.
A doctor of aerospace engineering in 1979 from the Indian Institute of Technology, he had the opportunity to conduct some of his research at NASA, Ames and Langley Research Centers.
He made important contributions in the area of ​​upwind methods when he was a researcher in Dr. Stanley Osher’s group at UCLA, and later at Rockwell. Specifically, there is a TVD-type flow limiter scheme named after Dr. Chakravarthy.
In 1994, he founded Metacomp Technologies, a company dedicated to the research, development, dissemination and support of computational methodologies with increasingly higher efficiency, in various disciplines.
CFD++ is the computational fluid mechanics software developed by Metacomp Technologies for simulating: Compressible and incompressible fluids; Stationary and transient fluids; Fluids in different velocity regimes such as low and high subsonic, transonic, supersonic and hypersonic; Laminar and turbulent flow; Thermal effects and heat transfer;Multiphase fluids (dispersed, homogeneous, distinct);Multiple equations of state (incompressible, barotropic, perfect gases, real gases, cubic equations of state, etc.);Stationary and moving objects (including dynamics) rigid body).
Students who participate in the lecture may be selected for a sponsorship program to use CFD++ in their undergraduate thesis. Courtesy of ATS – Aerothermal Solutions.

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