How CFD in Engineering and Architecture Can Save a Country’s Economy and Protect the Environment

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The Impact of CFD


ATS is pleased to invite all engineering and architecture professionals and enthusiasts to a pioneering event, organized by Carlos Cotta Engineering and hosted by the Institute of Engineering: “How CFD in Engineering and Architecture Can Save a Country’s Economy and Protect the Environment”. This event will take place on November 30, 2023, from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM, in a hybrid format – both in-person in São Paulo and online via YouTube.


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has been a revolutionary tool for engineers and architects, offering innovative solutions that benefit both the economy and the environment. This event will provide valuable insights into the practical applications of CFD, highlighting its significant impact across various sectors.


Featured Speakers


  • Arthur Garuti dos Santos: Recognized for his expertise in fire prevention and combat systems, Arthur brings a wealth of practical and theoretical experience.
  • Carlos Cotta: As CEO of Carlos Cotta Engineering and a coordinator at the Institute of Engineering, Carlos is an authority in fire engineering and safety.
  • Pedro Castro Souza Villela: An aeronautical engineer and Director of Engineering at ATS, Pedro stands out for the development of innovative solutions in thermal and fluid analysis. His presentation, titled “CFD Applied in the Thermal Assessment of a Mining Building,” reveals the practical application of CFD in a real case for Vale. Pedro explores a complex problem of acoustic and thermal insulation in mining buildings, demonstrating how CFD was used to model different scenarios and identify the most effective and economical solution. Learn more about this case and others on the Building Analysis page.


Topics Covered and Target Audience


cfd para conforto termico vale
Simulação CFD de conforto térmico para a Vale


In his presentation, Pedro Villela, an engineer associated with ATS, addresses a fascinating and highly relevant topic: “CFD Applied in the Thermal Assessment of a Mining Building”. He identifies a common problem in ore processing buildings – the intense noise generated by operations, which becomes a challenge especially with the expansion of nearby residential areas. The proposed solution involves the use of acoustic insulation, which also acts as thermal insulation, altering the internal ventilation of the building.


The presentation delves into the analysis of how to select the best noise attenuation solution with the least internal thermal impact, using CFD tools to model and simulate different scenarios. Pedro examines various options, including the enclosure of noisy equipment and the use of forced or natural ventilation, evaluating each in terms of thermal and acoustic impact. He demonstrates the practical application of CFD, showing how this technology can optimize the choice of solutions, saving time and resources. The methodology was applied to several buildings within a mining complex, allowing for the comparison of scenarios and the selection of the option with the best cost-benefit ratio between acoustic insulation, thermal comfort, and implementation costs. This presentation is a clear example of how CFD can be a powerful tool in solving complex problems in engineering and architecture, promoting innovative and sustainable solutions.


The event is a valuable opportunity for professionals and companies from various sectors, such as engineering, architecture, construction, and transportation, including areas like rail, road, and air transport. Additionally, it will be extremely beneficial for energy companies (Alupar, AES, Celesc, among others) and for organizations in hydroelectric and nuclear sectors. The event also attracts interest from large companies like Embraer and Petrobras, and varied sectors such as port, automotive, hospital, and agribusiness. Fire departments and fire safety companies, as well as entities like Fiesp, will find relevant content on the innovations and applications of CFD in their areas.


Registration and Solidarity Participation


The event is scheduled for November 30, 2023, and will take place from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM. This will be a hybrid event, available both in person at the Institute of Engineering, located at Av. Dr. Dante Pazzanese, 120, Vila Mariana, São Paulo, and online, with a broadcast on the YouTube channel of the Institute of Engineering.


This event is not just a chance to learn from the best in the field, but also an opportunity to see how engineering and architecture can positively contribute to the economy and the environment. Join us at the Institute of Engineering and discover the transformative power of CFD. To access the full presentation, please fill out the form:


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