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Participation in the II CBCFD

We live in a time of increasing and intense modernization and acceleration of all branches of Brazilian and world industry. For this reason, attention to innovation in industrial activities in all fields of engineering, whether agricultural, environmental, aeronautical, space, mechanical, mechatronics, naval, oil and gas, etc. is of paramount importance.

This need has driven and greatly demanded the increase of all scientific research and advanced technologies within the entire country. We can mention here the growth in the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in increasingly different sectors, proving to be a great instrument in the analysis of fluids, fluid-structure interaction and heat transfer. The application of techniques and simulations in CFD enabled the optimization of, for example, the performance of aircraft, automobiles, ships, chemical reactors, industrial machines, or even prediction of pollutant dispersion in liquid or air.

  • Brazilian Congress of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CBCFD)

The II Brazilian Congress of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CBCFD) takes place at an opportune moment to promote discussions that cover the benefits of solutions obtained through the use of simulations and computational methods.

The congress, which had its first edition in 2016, plays a very important role in the integration of all professionals within this area of research, enabling the development of several partnerships between educational institutions and companies from all industrial sectors.

  • ATS as a sponsor of the II CBCFD

ATS is an engineering company that distributes computer simulation software. Combining computational techniques with traditional engineering methodologies, ATS offers unique projects with accurate and reliable results.

The projects executed and courses offered are of a high technological level, designed to meet the demand for quality and speed in the oil and gas, heavy industry, automotive and aerospace industries.

Due to these very important attributes, ATS will participate and sponsor the II Brazilian Congress of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CCBFD), which will be held in the Coppe auditorium at UFRJ between the 27th and 29th, being one of the largest congresses on CFD in Brazil .

As participants in this congress are 3 ATS engineers, Pedro Castro de Souza Villela, Diego Mendes Pio and Guido Pires Arantes Ubertini.

Two courses will be given at the event, they are the following:

  • CFD++ and Tecplot – Simulation for Oil and Gas
  • Instructor: Diogo Mendes Pio

The CFD++ and Tecplot course presents the student with an experience with the best CFD on the market and the most used software in the world for CFD visualization. Both software are used today by Embraer to make its aircraft. They also use Petrobras, Vale, Avibras, the Brazilian Navy, IAE, ITA and IEAv of the Brazilian Air Force. Queiroz Galvão Óleo e Gás saved 19 million dollars due to CFD++ calculations of erosion in exploration pipelines.

  • Ennova and Nexus – Exploring Meshes and Optimization
  • Instructor: Guido Pires Arantes Ubertini

The Ennova and Nexus course introduces the student to the generation of computational meshes for CFD and to the automatic optimization processes, which uses CAD, mesh generator and solver in the loop. Both software are the most modern in their fields. Ennova is used by Honda and Nexus is used by Airbus Optimization Center.

We will talk a little more about the software used and distributed by ATS later on.

  • CFD++

The CFD++ is software developed by Metacomp Technologies, and is one of the best CFD solvers available on the market today, widely used in the aerospace industry due to its speed, robustness and accuracy.

The software is capable of solving compressible or incompressible flows, stationary or transient, in different speed regimes, from low subsonic to transonic, supersonic and hypersonic.

Its advanced spatial interpolation algorithms allow the use of larger and lower quality meshes, with very little influence on the final result, saving countless hours of geometry preparation and mesh generation.

The CFD++ solver is the least dissipative on the market, as it relies on advanced flow limiting methods (TVD methods), developed by Dr. Sukumar Chakravarthy himself, chief developer of CFD++ and CEO of Metacomp Technologies.

  • Tecplot 360 EX

Engineers and scientists are always looking to reduce analysis time, and understanding of results from fluid dynamics (CFD), structural (FEA) or experimental simulations. The Tecplot 360 EX software, which will have a course taught at the II CBCFD, is a complex data visualization and presentation tool that can improve the productivity of engineering analysis through intuitive and customized XY, 2D and 3D plots.

The software is very fast and easy to use, consuming little memory for storage and processing, while producing powerful images, graphs and videos to show results, studies and analyses.

With Tecplot 360 EX, you can instantly apply all graphical style attributes to a different set of data with pre-defined layout and style files, as well as automate your analysis with over 180 functions and macros, simplifying plotting and common analyses.

With the right tools, you can handle large sets of data and information, automating workflows and visualizing parametric results, helping you spend less time waiting and more time discovering. That’s why Teplot has been the most used results post-processor in the world for many years.

  • iChrome Nexus Optimization

The iChrome Nexus provides a new and more recent standard of numerical optimization algorithms and platform integration. It is a tool to automatically analyze a project with numerous boundary variables, constraints and objectives, evaluating the results in response surfaces, using an easy and flexible graphical interface, helping in the organization, management and resolution of tasks within the most complex projects.

We know that optimization is a matter of process integration, combined with cost function minimization algorithms and strategies for evolving the mapping of the analysis field. In this way, iChrome designed for the Airbus Optimization Center the iChrome Nexus Optimization, to be the tool for analyzing and evolving complex projects. Today, sold to countries around the world and represented in Brazil by the ATS team, Nexus is an easy, powerful and low-cost tool for process optimization and integration.

  • Ennova Mesh Generator

The Ennova Mesh Generator was developed by the same developers as ICEM Meshing, the market leader in mesh generation software for many years.

Ennova is able to generate meshes in parallel, representing a considerable advance in the time required for meshing. Additionally, the software has geometry correction and cleaning tools, as well as automatic detection of structured surfaces and volumes, allowing the use of the tool in extremely complex and polluted geometries.

The quality of the mesh and the layer of prisms generated by the Ennova Mesh Generator was able to reduce the number of elements in a simulation, compared to traditional mesh generators on the market, by up to 70%, without affecting the accuracy of the result.

  • Sobre a ATS

ATS is one of the few companies in Brazil specialized in engineering solutions combined with advanced computer simulation techniques, working directly with the distribution of the most important software for the oil and gas, automotive, aerospace and heavy industry sectors, making their simulations come true.

You who will participate in the II Brazilian Congress of Computational Fluid Dynamics cannot fail to access the ATS website and attend the courses given at the congress.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from one of the most modern and up-to-date engineering companies in Brazil, get to know ATS Aerothermal Solutions & Software Distributor.

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