MSX: The Legacy of a Technological Revolution

Capa da revista 3º CPU MSX


A Journey in the MSX Universe


TK 2000 II Color Computer.
TK 2000 II Color Computer.


In the universe of personal microcomputers of the 1980s, the MSX stood out as a platform that sought to standardize and facilitate the development of software and hardware among manufacturers. In this scenario, the CPU MSX magazine from Águia Informática publishing house emerged, becoming an important channel for the dissemination of knowledge and technological innovation, presenting the works of various enthusiasts and programmers, including those of a young man named Guilherme.


Guilherme, who would later become the CEO of ATS, made his first forays into the world of technology as a contributor to this magazine. Between issues 9 and 19, he was cited as a collaborator and shared his technical acumen through articles that covered a variety of topics, from programming to game development. The articles were written in Microsoft BASIC and Assembly Z80, languages that were fundamental for development on the MSX, a machine that operated with a Zilog Z80 processor and offered an accessible programming environment for enthusiasts of the time.


Guilherme’s Articles


Introdução do 1º artigo do Guilherme
Introdução do 1º artigo do Guilherme


In his early articles, Guilherme dealt with mathematical concepts, as in “First Degree Function,” where he programmed a graphical representation of linear functions, allowing readers to visualize the impact of different coefficients on a function. In “Memory Game,” he created a game that served not only as entertainment but also as a way to exercise the logic and memory of MSX users.


In “The Lost World of the Third Dimension,” Guilherme explored interactive narrative, a precursor to modern text adventure games. In “Fire! Fire!”, he designed a simulator that put players in the role of firefighters battling blazes. In ‘ALPHABETS OF GRAPHOS III: PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS’, Guilherme provides a detailed guide for redefining characters in MSX systems, allowing for advanced customizations and accessible graphic programming.


“Enlarged Letters” was particularly notable for its practical applicability. Guilherme created a program that allowed users to increase the font size for printouts, showing that programming can be used to solve everyday problems and improve accessibility.


MSX and Its Legacy


Expert XP-800
Expert XP-800


These contributions from Guilherme exemplify the richness of the MSX environment. The platform was not just a vehicle for games and entertainment but also a powerful tool for learning and technical development. Through the articles in CPU MSX, Guilherme and other programmers shared their knowledge, stimulating an entire generation to dive into the world of technology and innovation.


The MSX technology, developed in partnership by Microsoft and ASCII Corporation, was a pioneer in introducing a standard that facilitated software compatibility among different computer manufacturers. The platform was widely adopted in Japan and other parts of the world, although it had a smaller presence in the United States, despite Microsoft’s involvement.


The legacy of MSX continues to live on. The platform remains an icon of the golden age of personal computing and serves as a reminder of the importance of innovation and standardization. Even today, MSX is celebrated by enthusiasts and developers, and its influence is seen in emulation projects and the indie gaming community.


On the ATS blog, we recognize the value of Guilherme’s early experiences with MSX technology. They highlight the importance of a solid foundation in understanding programming and software development, skills that are crucial for the work we do today at the company. ATS remains committed to innovation and the pursuit of technological solutions that advance the aero thermal sector and beyond. The lessons learned from the MSX, Guilherme’s pioneering articles, and his ongoing evolution as a leader at ATS reflect our commitment to excellence and the future of technology.


Here is the list of the first articles written by Guilherme, simply click on the title to read:








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