Sixth Metacomp Technologies Symposium “Seeing ∫ to ∫”


It is notable that the development of products has been one of the main processes in the competitiveness of the industry. The great competition, the difficulty to keep up with the speed of technology evolution, the reduction of the life cycle of the products and the growing demand from the consumers demand from the manufacturers speed, performance and high quality that will depend specifically on the company’s efficiency during the process.

Along with the increasingly competitive market, new product shapes and features are constantly being created, making it increasingly difficult to follow trends and innovate in new product development. Success is linked to the quality that the company seeks to establish as a way of optimizing and innovating its technology in the services and products offered.

Concerned with developing effective solutions to meet the needs of its customers, Metacomp Technologies holds, every two years, a symposium where its customers can exchange experiences and update themselves on the products offered to compete in the increasingly fierce market.

Metacomp Technologies, a partner and supplier of ATS, is considered the leading provider of software technology tools for the aerospace and defense industry, not to mention several laboratories and research institutes in various fields that work on the frontier of knowledge and technology.

In its symposia, Metacomp Technologies invites customers, researchers and users of its products who are interested in presenting accurate results or who just want to know more about the products offered by the company.

This year, Metacomp Technologies’ sixth symposium, “Seeing ∫ to ∫”, took place from September 19 to 21, in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, where attendees were shown demonstrations by other customers with their varied applications of CFD++, CSM++ and CAA++ .

Get to know the CFD++, CSM++ and CAA++ software

The CFD++ is the latest generation of fluid mechanics software. ATS is the exclusive distributor of this product in Brazil.

CFD++ is the most recommended CFD software within the aerospace industry. It is widely used by large Brazilian organizations, such as Embraer, Avibras, IAE, IEAv, Marinha do Brasil, CTMSP, among others.

Other companies around the world also make use of this computational fluid mechanics software. As an example, we can mention NASA, the US Air Force, the US Navy, Lockheed Martin, Mitsubishi, Boeing and many others.

Another product presented by Metacomp Technologies at this symposium is CSM++ (Computational Structural Mechanics). This software was developed to introduce a new level of multidisciplinary analysis and design capability to engineers and scientists in various areas of science and technology.

It is a set of structural mechanics simulation software with finite elements that works perfectly integrated with the CFD++ and CAA++ software to solve static or dynamic structural problems, including large deformations and temperature-induced stresses.

To learn more about CSM++

The CAA++, also on the agenda at the symposium, is the software developed by Metacomp Technologies for acoustic simulation. For the simulation of flow acoustics to be accurate, it requires a detailed resolution of the small noise-generating turbulent vortices and the full spectrum of transmitted acoustic waves. The software provides a set of tools that simplifies these tasks, greatly reducing the cost compared to traditional CFD methods.

Acoustic dampening threshold conditions, automatic seeding of turbulence at inputs, specialized acoustic solvers, and unique subdomain capability allow computational care to focus on the design feature of interest.

Other commercial CFD solvers, such as CFD++, allow the direct anticipation of aeroacoustic events using LES or RANS/LES in a hybrid way. However, these methods are expensive, especially for flows close to the wall, farfield propagation or propagation of high-frequency acoustic waves.

The CAA++ makes it possible to go beyond these conventional methods by carrying a variety of analysis tools for farfield propagation and qualified and effective numerical solvers for sound generation modeling.

To learn more about CAA++

ATS participation in the sixth Metacomp Technologies symposium “Seeing ∫ to ∫”

During the symposium, ATS had the opportunity and immense pleasure to present a work carried out for the Brazilian Navy. This complex work involved accurately landing a helicopter on a ship, the corvette Barroso, in adverse wind and rough sea conditions.

To this end, ATS used fluid mechanics to be able to make an accurate analysis of the flow around the ship, as the conditions were dangerous for landing.

See the full ATS presentation.

However, ATS was very well prepared and used all its knowledge of fluid mechanics, CFD and aeronautical engineering to detect difficulties and study solutions.

To learn more about ATS’s role in the helicopter landing on the Barroso corvette, see our article at this link.

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