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How to get CFD++, Ennova, Nexus licenses to use in your competitions

If you are a graduate student and need CFD software, Mesh Generation and Optimization may require a license for your team to use.

Generally the competitions are those of SAE – Aerodesign, Baja and Formula, but they can also be rocket competitions like the COBRUF s but can be for other vehicles and mechanical devices that need aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, chemical reactions, multi-phase flows and transfer of heat.

To obtain the CFD++ from Metacomp Technologies

(utilizado pela Embraer, Avibras, Marinha do Brasil, IAE-DCTA, IEAv-DCTA, ITA)

Pedido Patrocínio CFD++

Para obter o Ennova da Ennova Technologies(dos criadores do ICEM)

Pedido Patrocínio Ennova

Para obter o Nexus (otimizador) da iChrome(utilizado pelo Airbus Optimization Center)

Pedido Patrocínio Nexus Optimization


  • Regarding the academic license request, the user must agree to the following terms to request a license:
  • Participate in web training to be given by the ATS team to ensure that the software will be used well;
    Feedback on software usage and experience, whenever requested (including images);
  • ATS and its software will be cited in any paper, presentation or work developed using the software;
    Submission of any work, presentation or work developed with the software to ATS and developer, to be used as technical and marketing material;
  • Permission to use the academic work developed as marketing material in any media and blog;


Material about CFD++:

Click on the link below to download the presentation material

CFD++ Visão Geral (em inglês)

Material about Ennova:

Click on the link below to download the presentation material

Ennova Visão Geral (em inglês)

Nexus stuff:

Click on the link below to download the presentation material

Nexus Visão Geral (em inglês)

If you are an undergraduate student who needs to do an end-of-course work or undergraduate work, use the links above and we will analyze your case.

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