The future is electric


Front profile photo of the Cupra E Racer at the IAA fair in Frankfurt – Source: Unsplash
The future is electric. Less emissions and more performance show great advantages for the supercar niche. Manufacturers such as Porsche, Audi, Aston Martin and Tesla have been paying special attention to this market with cars that are true engineering masterpieces.
Due to the instant torque provided by electric motors, turbo-lag problems are eliminated, allowing for greater acceleration and shorter 0-100 km/h times, making tire technology the bottleneck in performance. Under high speed conditions, super sports cars are subjected to high dynamic loads, on the order of tons, which, if not handled correctly, also negatively affect vehicle performance. Decreasing aerodynamic drag and increasing downforce are essential in these types of vehicles.

Another major performance limitation of electric super sports cars is the overheating of the batteries, which makes it essential to analyze ways to dissipate this heat in order to extend the operating time at maximum power and reach the highest possible speed.

Traditionally, these thermal and aerodynamic optimization processes take place through tests and experiments in wind tunnels, which are costly and time-consuming. With the increase in computational power, however, numerical engineering methods have gained more relevance and allow, nowadays, these problems to be solved through CFD, or computational fluid dynamics, and other simulation tools, reducing greatly reduces the cost and development cycle, allowing for a more detailed analysis of the problem and directing aerodynamic tests.

The CFD has become such a strong ally that in competitions such as Formula 1, regulations were needed limiting the processing power of teams and the time for simulations to 30 TFlops and 30 hours, as a way to contain the rising costs with this technology. and allow fairplay.

If you need help with your project, be it development, optimization or failure investigation, talk to us. We combine traditional engineering with simulation to solve your problem.

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