USP-ASFM 2017 Numerical Methods


Discovering how the mechanics of computational fluids can be optimized is a challenge for industry and academia alike. To discuss this subject, USP held, from August 14 to 17, the “Advanced School of Fluid Mecanics 2017 Numerical Methods”.

The event held at the Department of Naval and Oceanic Engineering at USP, coordinated by Professor Dr. Gustavo R. S. Assl, brought together international researchers to discuss the future of CFD.

The ATS participated in the Meeting as it stood out for its positioning as a bridge company between the academy and the industry. The ATS believes in the excellence of executions in the aerospace and heavy industries, and to fulfill this premise, it makes use of diagnoses based on established scientific methodologies, together with computer simulations.

New possibilities for CFD

Professors Tim Colonius, Spencer Sherwin and Juan Alonso, world references in CFD, pointed out trends through research guided by numerical methods, debating the state of the art and the future of CFD.

Professor Tim Colonius, from the California Institute of Technology, in the United States, brought the theme “Immersed boundary and interface methods”. He develops numerical methods to study problems in fluid mechanics, including aeroacoustics, flow control, instabilities, shock waves, and bubble dynamics.

Professor Spencer Sherwin discussed “Spectral/hp elements and their application to flow and instability analysis of complex geometry flow”. He leads, at Imperial College London, in London, a research group focused on the development and application of spectral methods applied in numerical simulations to solve partial differential equations.

O Professor Juan Alonso, da Stanford University, nos Estados Unidos, apresentou “Adjoint Methods and their apllication in computacional fluid dynamics”. Ele é especializado no desenvolvimento de metodologias de design computacional de alta fidelidade para a criação de sistemas aeroespaciais eficientes utilizando técnicas de otimização multidisciplinar.

Alongside these world references, the ATS integrated the discussion on the future of CFD. To add to the discussion, the company presented one of its recent works, where it analyzed the flow around a Brazilian Navy ship in different wind conditions and defined a landing envelope for a helicopter, using computer simulations and tunnel test results of wind.

Precision in practice: CFD++

The perfect representation of complex physical phenomena in numerical simulations is made possible through software, which are accurate and detailed, such as CFD++.

The CFD++ works as a reliable tool for the computer simulation of compressible and incompressible fluids, in various velocity conditions, from low subsonic to transonic, supersonic and hypersonic. The software can efficiently solve laminar and turbulent flows, in various state conditions, multiphase flows, steady and transient regimes, chemical reactions, as well as coupled heat transfer, radiative energy transport, rotating machines, cavitation effects and porous media. .

It is available for all computer systems, from personal computers to cluster network computers, and it is also executable on multiple operating systems and the files generated by the software are compatible on all platforms. In addition to these advantages, CFD++ has a unified computational mesh, providing the treatment of complex geometries in a much easier way.

The CFD++ is the most recommended software for the automotive, aeronautical and space industries. To learn more about CFD++, request your free license.


ATS is a distributor of CFD++ and also other software from Metacomp Technologies, such as MIME, CSM++, CAA++ that value excellence in processes, speed and quality of results.

The company specializes in solutions for mechanical systems and thermal fluid dynamic, using methodologies of traditional engineering combined with numerical simulations to provide unique, reliable and accurate designs.

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