Exclusive technologies with accurate results

Exclusive technologies
with accurate results

Solutions in simulation and engineering

ATS combines high-technology computational methodologies with traditional engineering to offer unique projects with reliable and accurate results. We work with product development engineering for aerospace industry, and with equipments and process for heavy industry.

Exclusive techonologies with accurate results

We work from the pre-project with conceptual studies, in the product phases (JDP, PDR, CDR), planning and tests, to the analysis of the results, both in the creation, modification and upgrade of existing equipment, and also in ANAC, FAA, EASA and TC certification. ATS has expertise in fluid systems engineering; mechanical and thermal; flight and ground tests; structures, aerodynamics; ground equipment (GSE) and assembly manufacturing support equipment.

Heavy industry

We provide consultancy in thermal and combustion engineering, resolution of operational difficulties using scientific methodology, diagnosis and efficiency analysis of equipment, systems and plants, research and development of equipment and systems and CFD analysis. In addition, it operates in thermal modeling and simulation, especially in processes involving combustion of liquids and gases, emission and dispersion of pollutants, biomass burning, gasification and chemical processes, and with industrial burners, heat exchangers, boilers and furnaces, metallurgical furnaces, hot air generators, pipes and combustion chambers.

Team of experts

Meet our team

Guilherme Araujo Lima da Silva CEO CFD ATS Engineer

Guilherme Lima da Silva


Pedro Villela CTO ATS CFD Aeronautical Engineer

Pedro Villela

CTO, Systems Engineer

Caio Fuzaro Rafael CFO ATS CFD Engineer

Caio Fuzaro Rafael

CFO, CFD Engineer

Diogo Mendes Pio CFD Aeronautical Engineer ATS

Diogo Mendes Pio

CFD Lead Engineer

Jayme Teixeira da Silva ATS CFD Senior Aeronautic Engineer

Jayme Teixeira

Senior CFD Engineer

Rafael Miranda Hazana ATS CFD Aerospace Engineer

Rafael Hazaña

Aerospace Systems Engineer

Odair Lima CFO CFD ATS

Odair Lima


Henrique Lewi ATS Head of Sales CFD

Henrique Lewi

Head of Sales

M. Eduarda Lopes ATS CFD Engineering Trainee

M. Eduarda Lopes

CFD Engineering Trainee

Sabrina Fernandes Rezende ATS CFD Engineer

Sabrina Fernandes Rezende

Engineering Assistant

Ana Clara Azevedo ATS CFD Financial Assistent

Ana Clara Azevedo

Administrative and Financial Assistant

Damaris Nogueira ATS CFD Sales Assistent Business

Damaris Nogueira

Commercial Assistant