Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit 2018


At the end of March this year, between the 26th and 28th, ATS participated in the Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit 2018, in Seattle. The event, organized by BCI Aerospace and hosted by Boeing, aims to foster partnerships between various areas of the aerospace and defense market, from major market players to suppliers of parts and components. There were two intense days of meetings, meetings, lectures and the possibility of combining meetings focused on business, through an exclusive online tool of the event itself.

With the invitation and sponsorship of the Brazilian Aerospace Cluster and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (APEX), we were selected, along with other Brazilian companies such as AKAER and ITAKAR, to participate in this great meeting in the Emerald City, as Seattle is known. . We are especially grateful to both CAB and APEX for the invitation, support and opportunity to attend the 2018 edition of the Aerospace and Defense Supplier Summit.

We were the only Brazilian company and one of the few present at the A&DSS to provide engineering solutions for aeronautical and aerospace systems, and one of the engineering consulting companies with the highest technological level among those present, guaranteeing the pioneering spirit of ATS in the sector and prominence in the market.

At our stand, two of our engineers were present, participating in meetings, meetings and information exchange: Guido Pires Arantes Ubertini and Guilherme Araújo Lima da Silva. We met with several big names in the aeronautical and aerospace market, such as Boeing itself, with whom we had the opportunity to talk about providing our expertise in aeronautical engineering, with engineers from IAI and Liebherr Aerospace, among others.

The invitation to participate and the event took place at an excellent time for us, and two points clearly show this: The first is the opening of the new ATS office in Miami. A year ago, we expanded our operations to the United States, approaching and further expanding our share of the international aeronautical engineering market and, as a result, strengthening our relationship with Boeing. Thus, we can be closer and closer to international companies, and participation in A&DDS could not have been a better start for our future.

The second point is the recent move between Embraer and Boeing to create a joint venture, an action that already moves the market and the entire aerospace production chain. Until the beginning of the year, ATS had an engineer within Embraer itself, to whom we have already supplied several of our products and services. Therefore, we are just a few steps away from being able to also serve Boeing with our high technological level engineering and software resources, which are already widely used in the aerospace industry in Brazil, the USA and Europe.

Not only we, but several other Brazilian companies present, saw A&DDS as an excellent opportunity for growth for the Brazilian market, which has already been exponentially increasing its area of operation and recognition worldwide for its quality, and for being able to serve the aeronautical giant world.

In addition to the participation and meetings held at the event, we participated in a cocktail party at the Museum of Flight, a museum maintained by Boeing, dedicated to the history of world aviation. There, several models of commercial airplanes, fighters and jets, from all eras, are in excellent condition. World War II Spitfire models, the first Dreamliner B787 model and also the first Air Force One are some of the pieces highlighted during the visit.

Another point in the companies’ participation in the A&DDS was an exclusive and guided tour of Boeing Everett, Boeing’s main factory and one of the largest aviation factories in the world. There, the 787 Dreamliner models, currently top of the line, 777, 767 and 747-8 are produced.

Finally, the balance is more than positive for the participation not only of ATS, but of all other companies invited to attend. It is an exciting time for the Brazilian economy, the world economy and for the entire aerospace market, and being able to integrate with one of the largest aviation companies in the world is always a great opportunity for everyone.

Stay tuned for all the news that will still appear here on our blog. Contact us to arrange a quote and schedule a conversation.

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