ATS and Tecplot visit big names in the Brazilian industry


In the last month (September), the ATS carried out visits to large companies throughout Brazil. The objective was well defined, to publicize Tecplot 360 EX.

During all our visits, we had the illustrious company of Mr. Scott Fowler, technical director of development at Tecplot.

During this period, we went through:

Day 11/09 São Paulo – SP

Day 09/12 Vitória – ES

Day 09/12 Belo Horizonte – MG

Day 09/13 Belo Horizonte – MG

Day 09/14 São José dos Campos – SP

What is Tecplot 360 EX?

Our main objective with all these visits was to show those responsible for engineering, development and science that the Tecplot 360 EX is ideal for anyone looking to reduce costs and analyze more accurate results from simulations in CFD.

Tecplot 360 EX improves data visualization, directly focusing on better productivity dynamics, plotting and results analysis.

We show, in every visit, how easy it is to use, which produces detailed images, with the best memory efficiency on the market.

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A detail worth mentioning is that when the software is updated annually, it is possible to access Tecplot Chorus, which facilitates the analysis of several simulations simultaneously. In addition, it is possible to integrate with PyTecplot, enabling command line automation.

What did we hear about the advantages of using the Tecplot 360 EX?

During the entire visit, we tried to understand the needs, listen to feedbacks and also highlight what were the advantages of using the Tecplot 360 EX.

We heard a lot of opinions on the subject, to understand what users and future users thought of all the benefits that the tool could add to the day to day of their services and projects.

We understand that the following stood out:

Development and verification of engineering projects

With 28 mesh check functions, including aspect ratio, Y+ and orthogonality, mesh quality assessment becomes much more simplified.

You can validate computer simulation results with experimental data in a single plotting environment, as well as estimate the accuracy of your numerical solution using Richardson extrapolation.

Interactively explore and scan through the control volume to detect flow features and details, including fluid-structure interaction (FSI).

Analysis of more complex results

Using Tecplot 360 EX, you can easily load simulation data in 27 different output extensions from CFD, FEA, structural analysis and other formats used in the industry.

Understand XY, polar, 2D and 3D graphics with features that link between them in a unique multi-frame environment.

In a video format, you can create animations and transient solutions with display control, interactive and related cuts. Making it possible to extract the necessary flow characteristics.

Make routine automated

Using 180 macro functions, it is easy to automate common and plotting tasks.

Integration with PyTecplot makes it possible to analyze and plot results in a programming environment, commanding Tecplot 360 EX by command line in hidden mode, allowing you to focus on another matter while the script works for you.

What could we understand?

With all that we heard, we could understand that Tecplot 360 EX is a tool that has greatly helped large Brazilian companies to analyze results of computer simulations involving fluid and solid mechanics.

Maybe Tecplot is the solution your company needs.

Let us at ATS pay a visit to explain everything to you.

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