Brazilian startup bets on high-tech engineering to take off in the US


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Selected for StartOut Brasil’s Miami Cycle, Brazilian AeroThermal replaces manual processes with simulation programs to transform the aviation industry

A cosmopolitan, young and multicultural city in the United States grows as a starting point for entrepreneurs who bet on creativity and collaboration as fundamental premises for innovation. We’re not talking about Silicon Valley, California, but an old friend of Brazilians on the opposite coast: Miami.

Far from being limited to Florida’s beach and entertainment tourism, the city has quickly emerged on the American entrepreneurial scene with important commercial and cultural incentives such as affordable housing, no state or municipal taxes and a special connection to America. Latin. It is not by chance that Brazilian companies in the areas of innovation and technology choose the region to advance their internationalization plans.

Between September 9 and 14, Miami will host StartOut Brasil, a program to support the insertion of Brazilian startups in the most promising innovation ecosystems in the world. Among the 15 chosen to participate in the initiative is Aerothermal Solutions and Software Distributor LLC, which bets on traditional engineering solutions combined with high-tech software, such as simulations and fluid dynamics computing (CFD), to transform the aviation industry. “Hardly a simulation company understands engineering as we do. And engineering consultancies do not use simulation, but manual calculations”, says Guilherme da Silva, CEO of AeroThermal.


After 10 years of operations in Brazil, the startup decided to conquer new markets. To this end, it participated in the Export Qualification Program (PEIEX) and established a business front at the Apex-Brasil office in Miami. “We have a very advanced process in terms of internationalization, as we already export and have an office in the United States. But we skipped some important phases, such as contact with investors, business plan and action planning”, says the businessman.

Organized by Apex-Brasil, MDIC, MRE and Anprotec, the StartOut Program promotes a week of immersion for participants, whose agenda includes visits to development, innovation and creation centers, companies, lectures with specialists in the local market, technical visits and business rounds. “The main difficulty for startups is being able to sell in the United States. Our previous sales to the US and France were through personal contacts. Now we seek to professionalize this process, and participating in StartOut will help us a lot. We hope to put together a presentation for investors, attract new contacts and identify the right direction for our internationalization”, comments Guilherme.

Brazil emerges

In addition to the favorable environment for new markets, the proximity to different technology startups favors the formation of strategic partnerships, which add value to Brazilian expertise. According to Guilherme, the collaboration with companies in the United States and United Kingdom allowed AeroThermal to build a diversified portfolio, which now includes simulations with cutting-edge software used by aviation giants such as Boeing, Embraer, NASA and Airbus.

“Brazil in the aeronautical sector does not owe it to any country. It’s exceptional. Our workforce from industry and universities is extremely qualified. We are different from India, Turkey, Japan and China as we are more mature in the product development cycle and certification processes. Due to the combination of cost and quality, we are unbeatable”, he concludes.

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