Release of Grapheme 2.3


Release of Grapheme 2.3

We are proud to announce the release of Grapheme v. 2.3, our intuitive and powerful data visualization and analysis tool.

What’s new in Grapheme 2.3

This new version brings important new features:

  • New Statistical and Control Panels, such as Main Component Analysis, Pareto Control Panel, Symmetry Control Panel and Multi-Vari Control Panel
    New Table Wizard to perform intersection, union and merge between project tables. Take a look at our new video tutorial to get a quick preview of this new feature
    Improved APIs now allow Linear Solver and eigenvalues ​​in array. An interesting article has just been published on our blog on this topic
    Improved GUI scripting capabilities. Take a look at this post if you want to know about it
    A new Database Explorer module as part of the Enterprise Edition, which allows linking, exploring and extracting data from SQL databases. We prepared two short Video Tutorials to show you how it works:
    Tutorial no. 15: Database Explorer – Basic Resources
    Tutorial no. 16: Database Explorer – Working with queries
    A new module as part of the Enterprise Edition, allowing you to define simulation chains that link the analysis task to form complex data analysis chains.
  • Take a look at these new Video Tutorials to show you how it works:
    Tutorial no. 18: Data Analysis Task Flow – Basic Resources
    Tutorial no. 19: Task Flow for Data Analysis  Creation of an Assessment Chain

Main features of Grapheme:

  • Import data from various file formats: flat, CSV, Matlab, Excel, Access.
  • Import data directly from SQL databases including Oracle, MySQL, Firebird, Postgres and many others.
  • Interactive, integrated workspaces for linking and collecting data sources, tables, and graphs in single projects.
  • Advanced statistical tools and data manipulation, including user-defined regressions and clustering algorithms.
  • A comprehensive set of 2D and 3D graphics models including lines, scatters, bubbles, bars, pies, surfaces, radars, parallel coordinates and more.

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