The biggest supercomputer in Latin America can calculate in 1 second what it would take you at most 33 million years.


It’s electric, technological, powerful and ultra-fast. No, we’re not talking about the latest Tesla Roadster model that recently went into space. At the LNCC – National Laboratory for Scientific Computing, in early 2017, the largest supercomputer in Latin America, Santos Dumont, from Atos, a French technology and digital services company, went into operation. It is also in the most recent edition of the Top 500 ranking, which lists the most powerful supercomputers in the world.

“SDumont has an installed processing capacity of around 1.1 Petaflop/s (1.1 x 1015 float-point operations per second), presenting a hybrid configuration of computational nodes, in terms of the available parallel processing architecture.

SDumont has a total of 18,144 CPU cores, distributed across 756 compute nodes (24 cores per node), of which the majority are composed exclusively of CPUs with multi-core architecture. There is, however, a significant amount of additional nodes that, in addition to the same multi-core CPUs, contain device types with the so-called many-core architecture: GPU and MIC. In addition, SDumont is equipped with a differentiated node, the MESCA2, with a high number of cores (240) and a high-capacity shared memory architecture (6 Tb in a single address space).” – SINAPAD

All this computing power is being used in favor of society. Today, the equipment has more than 40 projects in progress, in the most diverse research segments, such as chemistry, physics, engineering, biological sciences, meteorology, agricultural science, astronomy and others.

We at ATS are proud to contribute to the country’s technological development and provide the most advanced software in fluid analysis, Metacomp’s CFD++, which is capable of using the power of supercomputers to carry out relevant research projects in the area.

We will be this Friday (22/06) at 14:30 visiting the LNCC with Dr. Sukumar Chakravarthy, one of the pioneers of CFD in the world. He will give a lecture presenting the full power of the CFD methodology and how it is being used in conjunction with supercomputers to solve real problems in the world, such as energy saving, optimization and many others.

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