ATS works at Stock Car to win positions


The study of aerodynamic performance is a subject that has always been on the agenda in automobile competitions. The performance of the cars seen on the track is the result of a meticulous analysis involving all the car’s dynamics. In NASCAR and Formula 1, first-rate categories of world motorsport, the use of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), which generally occurs in the aeronautics area, has been gaining ground. Finally, this type of performance analysis arrived in Brazil in the Stock Car competitions, a national category that grows every year. And the results brought about with the collaboration of ATS envision a new future for the competition.


This program was used to simulate the air flow around the car;


This program generated the visualization of the CFD results

Ennova Mesh Generation 

This program generated a computational mesh over the three-dimensional model of the car; highlights the ability to integrate between CFD++; and Ennova, chosen by ATS to perform the task in record time even with complex geometries.

A performance analysis was performed in terms of time gain considering a real racing case, and what possible changes based on this study could bring benefits to the team. For the brake and curve zones, the positive time gain was 0.05s. As for the straight-line parts of the circuit, the gain was 0.08s.

See our video we made about our CFD work on Stock Car.

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